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Terms & conditions relating to the letting (and/or management) of private residential properties with

We will concentrate on the following points in managing your property if instructed:

1.      We prepare the applicable Tenancy Agreement while following the essential legal notices or checking the ones prepared by the preliminary agent

2.      Steadily market your property and/or apprise your local agent(s) to  acquire suitable potential tenants. This is to be done by interviewing the aplicant has as well as gathering extensive references which is followed by your approval.

3.      Advising the tenant(s) to transfer all utilities into their name, in addition to writing to all relevant utility companies to ensure that the landlord will not be held responsible for any charges incurred during the tenancy

4.      *To settle all final utility accounts on behalf of the landlord, prior to the commencement of a tenancy, out of funds received in advance.

5.      To arrange for the preparation of an inventory of the contents and a Schedule of Condition of the property at the commencement of a tenancy. Checking through the prepared inventory with the tenant and obtaining their signature acknowledging their acceptance thereby reducing the likelihood of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

6.      *Issuing subsequent rent demands on predetermined dates throughout the tenancy and collecting rents.

7.      *If required, we will pay all regular outgoings e.g. water rates, insurance premiums, service charges, ground rents, out of rents received. Landlords must advise the various authorities that all bills should be addressed care of Gozsdu Rentals Property Management.

8.  *To arrange for maintenance works or purchases during the tenancy (anything over this amount we would seek the authorisation from the Landlord before going ahead). In case of an absolute emergency we would use our discretion for which course of action to take.

9.  *We will retain a set of keys to the property in order to gain access in case of emergency.

10.  *To arrange for the inventory to be checked at the conclusion of the tenancy and a schedule of dilapidation's to be prepared and costed.

11.  *At the end of a tenancy the tenants deposit will only be returned once any damages or dilapidation's, subject to fair wear and tear, have been agreed and deducted. We will also require receipts showing final accounts for utilities have been settled.

13.  *We will arrange for any items to be replaced or repairs to be carried out at the end of the tenancy in accordance with the inventory.

14.  *Arranging insurance policies relating to building and contents, if required.

Fees and charges

Letting fee

We undertake to market our clients' apartments, show them to potential tenants, and prepare a tenancy contract.The payable fee in case  of one year contract is one month rent.

Management fee

10% (plus VAT)of gross rent for the entire term payable as the rent is collected. Our management service does not apply while the property is vacant.

Sale fee

In the event that a sale is agreed with the tenant or associated party we shall be entitled to a commission based on 3-6% of the agreed sale price. 

Furnishing & Renovation

The following charges (plus VAT) will apply for arranging and supervising any furnishing and/or renovation: