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Property Management

A rejuvenating change in managing your investment in Hungary.

Our business is now two years old and is aimed at addressing a specific market need. It is unique as our portfolio is restricted to solely 80 rental properties in order to offer a personalized service to both landlord and tenant.


As we are professionals in the rental market in Budapest, we are aware that those companies with portfolios of over 300 properties become detached from their primary objective, this being to supply a hassle and stress free investment, this mostly applies when a foreign  country is involved.  


What distinguishes us from the rest of the property managment companies is that we care about our customers and focus on their special needs and desires. We are a multilingual company which makes the communication with our clients easy. We also provide direct access to personal service.


We provide our investors with a complient and competetive solution to suit their desires with service only 10% (+VAT). We include the following points within our service:


-          There is no management fee when your property is vacant providing a financial respite to you and further incentive for us to ensure occupancy.

-          We inform the landlord at all times and handle the maintenance and tenant related issues

-          We may help in seeking other professional services such as lawywers and accountants if needed which eases the process of dealing with Hungarian taxation and legal systems.

-           Payment follow up: including the collection of the rental payment from the tenant and delivery to the landlord.

-          As we also deal witth sales, we are competent in advising further investments in the market.

-          We may also find tenants for your property if you wish to retain your current management company.

-          We are a fast growing company and with a limit of 80 properties we would be more than happy to welcome you to our unique portofolio.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.