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Tenant Info

If your are seeking for an accomodation in the very heart of Budapest then you are looking in the right place! You won’t be dealing with language barriers if you turn to us as we are a multilingual friendly company with enthusiastic, reliable young individuals to work with you! So if you have ever encountered bad experiences with landlords or property managers in Hungary, from now on it won’t be the case.


- payable on a monthly basis

- We acept both Hungarian Forints (HUF) and Euros

Utilities are not included in the rent unless it is desired.       

- invoice/receipt is to required before you arrange any payment


When you arrange any financial issue please collect a paperwork (soft copy by email or hard copy by hand or post) for security reason. You need to prove how much and when you paid if you had any argument in the future:


-        if you pay in cash: pay directly to a bank account and you will get cash deposit slipt from the bank

-        if you pay by bank transfer: you will have bank statements from the bank

Please keep all paperwork until you rent an accommodation in Budapest.

Good and reasonable rent for an accommodation in Budapest is not set by districts/areas so obviously in contrast to other capital cities in Europe. You can find both cheap and expensive apartments in the same district in the same street and in the same building. There are no expensive or cheap districts in Budapest. Also, number of bedrooms has a real pricing effect in rent while size of apartment is not as important as you would think in advance. Rent prices in Budapest are effected most by:

-       street (Andrassy) and street number (68 Andrassy Avenue)

-       building/complex(ordinary or renovated classical building; new complex)

-       apartment condition(renovated/new built, furnished/unfurnished and standards)

-       number of bedrooms( the more number of bedroom the higher expected rent)

-        view (street view, grey or green court yard view, level of sunshine)

-        level of floor (the higher floor the higher rent even in new or renovated buildings with lift)

-        size, layout/floor plan (the reasonable size with good layout preferable rather than size itself)

-        other factors/features like noise and air pollution, balcony, alarm, air-conditioning, leisure facilities

-        special like short or long term (the shorter term the higher rent) 

 Just like every other big city, Budapest has its nice and not-so-nice areas and districts. Before moving here it is strongly advised for you to take a short trip in advance to make up your mind on which area suits your taste the most. It is also noteworthy that the city has many old buildings which does not necessarily signify that the apartment inside is dilapidated but you should decide whether you prefer a newly built edifice or one that was not built int he past 10-20 years. Our company has both and all of the are located in the vibrant city center.

Lease Agreement & (Refundable) Security Deposit

12 months’ lease without break clause and security deposit of 2 months’ rent in general offered to Tenants in Budapest:

-        starting/finishing date must be clarified

-        date of moving-in is usually the starting date

-        payments and deadlines (rent, security deposit, utilities) must be clarified

-        lease agreement, however, can be finalised 1-2 months in advance before lease starts

-        the first month’s rent and security deposit must be arranged before tenant moves in

-        security deposit is refundable only when tenant moves out without shortfall in rent and utilities at date of expiration

-        security deposit is non-refundable when tenant breaks the agreement and moves out earlier than it is agreed before